The right vibe

I never truly believed how much of an effect the people around you could have on your mind set. The last three weeks have been extremely difficult both mentally and physically. I still struggle with a lot of it but I’ve been shown so much love and care that I barely notice the bad parts. […]

Looking deeper.

It’s a given that we’ve all heard great little nursery rhymes growing up and maybe you’ve even sung them to you’re own children (or you know neices, nephews, grandchildren, etc etc) but have you ever wondered where they originated from? I saw a post today that said “did you know humpty dumpty isn’t actually an […]

About me

My name is Emma and I am, among other things, a mother and wife and a 29 year old mess. I’ve read and written many stories and blogs but never actually posted one where people will read it. My posts may be random, they may contain weird and interesting thoughts and they may be pure […]

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