Lessons from a 4 year old

My son is 4 years old. He awoke the day of his birthday still 3 though, as he hadn’t drank his Milo. Apparently he wasn’t turning 4 until he’d has his morning Milo, running out to tell me he was 4 now cause ‘my had my Milo mumma’

He is a funny kid this boy of mine. His imagination is out of this world and he will happily lay on the floor playing by himself. Everyday he comes out with hilarious one liners, pulls a face only my kid could pull or simply tells me he doesn’t want to leave the house today because he hates going outside. That’s what happened this morning.

As he finished his morning Milo I told him we need to get dressed so we can go in the car. He looked at me devastated and said ‘but mumma my don’t want to go outside, I hate it outside’ My first thought was “yep buddy, I do too” but I asked him why he hated it outside and his response was ‘there’s too many people and my don’t like it’ Oh buddy, I completely and utterly understand.

I have to bribe my 4 year old child to leave the house on a daily basis. He doesn’t like being around people, he doesn’t deal well with having to run around stopping and getting in and out of the car, he is exactly like me!

I found myself leaving the house less and less, asking friends if they are going to the shop and could they grab what i need, I don’t visit many friends anymore because Linc is ready to go home before we even get to their house, I can’t, I mean, I won’t put him in daycare or take him to playgroups because eww there’s people and kids that touch you or won’t wipe their noses or parents who are sooo much better at parenting but in a few short weeks my boy starts pre – kinder. I’m not prepared for this, I haven’t had enough time to work out how I’m going to deal with both my kids being at school.

I’m not ready. He is more than ready, just like his sister was. I’ve started getting him used to putting clothes on and leaving the house although I’m not convinced this will last long. How do you get a child to be happy to leave the house when you don’t even want to leave it yourself. He and I found comfort in our home and its our safe place. We are working on this together, a 4 year old teaching a 29 year old.

He teaches me a lot of things every day. I know all the Monster Jam monster trucks, I know that his belly button itches when he puts a wipe wrapped around his finger in it. He’s taught me that it’s OK to play alone and that you can be happy with your own company. Many things that I should be teaching him and his sister yet this time it’s the other way round.

I feel that this little boy of mine is going to teach me so much as he grows up and discovers more in life. I’m OK with that, I mean as long as we are both learning then what could go wrong?

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  1. Lovely post Emma.

    Interestingly, at Lincoln’s age, the only place you didn’t want to be was at home. You’d much rather be out, around loads of different sorts of people, getting adults to play duck duck goose with you, visiting all kinds of people with Marie, and before her having Nan Walsh’s old lady friends visiting you, playing with heaps of different kids, coming to university with me (which you started doing when you were 3) and sitting in on set painting and filming and rehearsals, coming with me to the various radio stations I worked at and sitting chatting with people – yes, even at Lincoln’s age.

    I can distinctly remember one time when you were about 6 and you hadn’t come home. It was getting dark and Kate and I scoured the neighbourhood – we ended up doing a door knock of all the houses in the streets around our place. You were at some random person’s place, sitting there chatting with them. They thought it was fabulous, but I didn’t.

    You’d much rather chat with Cheryl across the fence than spend time inside – do you remember standing on the highchair I put beside the fence so you could talk with her like two old ladies? Or you’d be off, over the road with Sam and her sister.

    When you were Linc’s age and we used to drive from Launceston to Wynyard regularly, you didn’t like it when we left the city because there weren’t ‘any people out there’ – you were most comfortable around others.

    It’s interesting to think about the ways Lincoln might change when he gets older.

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  2. How things have changed with me. Sakye is like me when I was younger, she enjoys being around people! The world is a different place when you are young. Its so much more innocent and happy.

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