The right vibe

I never truly believed how much of an effect the people around you could have on your mind set. The last three weeks have been extremely difficult both mentally and physically. I still struggle with a lot of it but I’ve been shown so much love and care that I barely notice the bad parts.

Times like this showed me who was truly a friend and who really cared. Surprisingly, there was one person who I never expected to become such a big part of not only my life but the kids lives. Staying the night so I wasn’t alone, staying awake half the night just to help me when the nightmares would come, making sure the kids were OK and had what they needed, being a friend and a support for them.

I have finally found my peace. It’s not very often someone can find you in pieces and slowly help you put yourself back together. I am happier, we all are, I am enjoying things again, I am leaving the house and visiting friends, the anxiousness is disappearing and I feel so much better about myself, my life and where I’m heading.

All because of 3 amazing people. Of course my family have been a massive help like always, but it’s hard when they are spread around everywhere. I have 3 special people in my life that are close and that are always doing what they can to help me get through. 2 I knew would be here, but 1 was a complete surprise and it’s magical. We all are feeling safer, the kids are so much happier, they are being taken care of by a man who shows them love, support and encourages them to do their best. Things I only wished their fathers would do for them.

Sometimes it’s the accidental bonds that form that are the best, nothing is forced, genuine feelings of happiness, having someone in our lives that wants to see us be happy and succeed, and makes us number one as a family unit.

I can finally say, I’m happy. There is no better feeling right now. I am happy, my kids are happy, there’s no walking on egg shells in case we say or do the wrong thing, my children are not worried about doing the wrong thing and being degraded, they are spoken to and treated with a love like I have never seen and they are glowing. I can honestly say I am smiling everyday, I’m feeling beautiful, and I’m finally not an anxious mess.

Happiness……it feels great!

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